USD $50 Bills

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DO NOT use counterfeit bank notes in banks. We are not responsible for what you use bank notes for.


SECURITY FEATURES:  Security fibers, watermark, security thread, color shifting ink, micro printing, raised printing, EURion constellation

Width: 156 mm

Height: 66.3 mm

Material used: Cotton and linen

10 reviews for USD $50 Bills

  1. Oliver

    Legit service. 5******

  2. George

    Your dollar bills are the best. And are very much undetectable. Products, loved.

  3. Harry

    Grade AAA. I love this

  4. Jack

    what i love about your service is how you rectify problems in case of delivers. 5+ stars. This website can be trusted guys.

  5. Oscar

    CounterfeitSales is a trusted wesbsite. They deliver what they promise

  6. William

    Good producers

  7. James

    Recommended service for counterfeit banknotes

  8. jerry


  9. Mike

    Great notes bypass all security

  10. Francisco

    My brother suggested I buy from y’all, it wasn’t a bad idea. Best money i have spent for a while. I won’t hesitate to spread the word.

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