USD $50 Bills

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DO NOT use counterfeit bank notes in banks. We are not responsible for what you use bank notes for.



SECURITY FEATURES:  Security fibers, watermark, security thread, color shifting ink, micro printing, raised printing, EURion constellation

Width: 156 mm

Height: 66.3 mm

Material used: Cotton and linen

9 reviews for USD $50 Bills

  1. Oliver

    Legit service. 5******

  2. George

    Your dollar bills are the best. And are very much undetectable. Products, loved.

  3. Harry

    Grade AAA. I love this

  4. Jack

    what i love about your service is how you rectify problems in case of delivers. 5+ stars. This website can be trusted guys.

  5. Oscar

    CounterfeitSales is a trusted wesbsite. They deliver what they promise

  6. William

    Good producers

  7. James

    Recommended service for counterfeit banknotes

  8. jerry


  9. Mike

    Great notes bypass all security

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