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  1. Escrow: Escrow payment is a legal concept involving a financial arrangement between three parties whereby a third party agrees to hold an asset or money on behalf of the other two involved in a particular transaction at a given time. To make payment through escrow, contact our support staff through any of the contact information provided and a deal will be made. Making purchase through escrow requires a substantial amount of purchase since most escrow services charge fees. 
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Payment methods used to buy Counterfeit Money online

At, Payment is made through crypto currencies. If you are located within a geographical area where getting crypto is impossible, contact us and let us know so we can work something out.  

Shipping Counterfeit Money

Counterfeit sales charges shipping fee depending on your location and how much your order. If you are located within the US, delivery fee is typically lower than for those located out of the US. Shipping is done discreetly and made on time. Shipping typically doesn’t take more than 5 business days. In case of any delay you will be notified. 

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