CAD $100 Bills

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DO NOT use bills in banks, we are not responsible for what you use bills for.


SECURITY FEATURES: Transparent windows, metallic portrait, EURion constellation, Tactile marks, Registration device, Raised printing, UV printing

Width: 152.4 mm Height: 69.85 mm

6 reviews for CAD $100 Bills

  1. Johnson lorence

    Great quality

  2. Maddie Leonard

    100% legit thanks for my stuff

  3. Maya Gomez

    What I really like about this site is their delivery speed. They really fast👌

  4. Rani Caldon

    Nice quality and cheap rates. Gonna be placing a huge order in a week or 2

  5. Dave johnson

    Ordered stuff for $1000 and was a little scared am gonna loose my money but they where legit💯
    Gonna be placing a huge order as soon as am done with this

  6. Milan

    Like i promised, i was gonna do a good review for you guys after my purchase, this is me keeping to my words. Counterfeitsales is the best and most reliable platform to buy counterfeit banknotes and also hire hackers

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