Fake British ID Card for Sale On the Dark Web

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Use ID card carefully and wisely. We are not responsible for your actions.


If you are looking to buy Fake British ID Card on the dark net, Counterfeit Sales is known to provide the best novelty documents with very high quality which you won’t find anywhere else on the dark web.

Our Fake ID Validation period 5 years. In the UK, national Id card are the primary form of government-issued photo ID.

The following information will be required from you when processing your ID Card. This information can be an Alias if you want.

Your Surname:

Your Given name(s):

Your sex (M or F):

Your date and place of birth:

Your address:

ID number(optional):

Date of issue and expiration (optional):

Your Weight (optional):

Your Height (optional):

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Your Hair color (optional):

Written signature in digital format (black ink, white background, high resolution):

Your photo in digital format (color, white background, high resolution):

Please contact us for more details

Secure email for anonymous contact:  counterfeitsale@protonmail.com

10 reviews for Fake British ID Card for Sale On the Dark Web

  1. Arthur

    Awesommmmmmeeeee. recommending your services to my classmates ASAP

  2. Lucas

    Legit suppliers. So cool

  3. Logan

    I Was recommended by a friend, your service is totally worth it

  4. Theo

    Great ID, can fool almost anyone.

  5. Ubavet

    you can buy from counterfeitsales.com

  6. Gaigre

    It takes a real expert to be able to identify that it is fak

  7. Susan

    It is in point of fact a nice place obtain these documents

  8. Charles

    My brother recommended I buy this document from here, i have no regrets

  9. Tony

    The quality is good, i’d appreciate if you gave me a one time fee next time.

  10. Dasula

    Great services and quality too

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