GBP £10 Bills

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DO NOT use counterfeit bank notes in banks. We are not responsible for what you use bank notes for.


Security Features: See-through window, raised dots, finely detailed bronze metallic image, coloured border which changes colour from orange to purple when the note is tilted, silver foil patch, microlettering, textured print, UV feature, hologram

Width: 132 mm

Height: 69 mm


3 reviews for GBP £10 Bills

  1. perkins

    Great Quality notes

  2. laura

    legit sellers. Keep it up and keep the web safe. it is such a shame, there are so many fake web sites claiming to offer the services you offer, it must be hard for you guys. Thanks for delivering my items promptly

  3. Liam

    Your rates are unbelievable, you charge very little for such a great quality. This is awesome. might quit my job lol

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