Hacker for Hire

While public scrutiny of firms that provide Hacker for Hire has grown, the global demand for offensive cyber capabilities has escalated too. In the 21st century, a government’s highest-value targets are online more than ever and hacking is usually the most effective way to get to them. 

The demand for  hacking services  isn’t going away. “The industry is both bigger and more visible today than it was a decade ago,” says Winnona DeSombre, a security researcher and fellow at the Atlantic Council. “The demand is rising because the world is becoming more technologically connected.”

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Who is a Hacker / Definition of a Hacker

A hacker is someone who uses computer, networking or other skills to overcome a technical problem. It may also refer to anyone who uses their abilities to gain unauthorized access to systems or networks in order to commit crimes. A hacker may, for example, steal information to hurt people via identity theft or bring down a system and, often, hold it hostage in order to collect a ransom. A hacker for hire will be someone who is paid to carry out the later.

Hacker for Hire
Hacker for Hire

The demand for what private hacking companies are selling isn’t going away. “The industry is both bigger and more visible today than it was a decade ago,” says Winnona DeSombre, a security researcher and fellow at the Atlantic Council. “The demand is rising because the world is becoming more technologically connected.”

DeSombre recently mapped the famously opaque industry by charting hundreds of companies selling digital surveillance tools around the world. She argues that much of the industry’s growth is hidden from public view, including Western companies’ sales of cyber weapons and surveillance technology to geopolitical adversaries.

“The biggest issue comes when this space is primarily self-regulated,” she explained. Self-regulation “can result in widespread human rights abuses” or even friendly fire, when hacking tools are sold to foreign governments that turn around and use the same capabilities against the country of origin.

Alerted to the industry’s increasing impact, authorities around the world now aim to shape its future with sanctions, indictments, and new regulations on exports. Even so, the demand for the tools grows.

Hacker for Hire / Hacking as a Service

Hacking service  is the commercialization of hacking skills, in which the hacker serves as a contractor. Companies make use of such individuals to carry out security evaluations and test. There can be hired from anywhere. This might also include dark web hackers.

But most people hire darknet hackers for personal reasons, like spying on their spouses, erase criminal records, hack emails, bring down competitions and more. While there have been grey markets for hacking services for a long time, there are now purpose-driven websites to hire for the skill.

One such site, offers a money back guarantee. Additionally, there are hacking service tools and platforms like Alienspy that simplify hacking to let a person with no skills carry out an attack themselves.

Some of the services offered by a Hacker For Hire include:

  • Gaining access to social networking accounts.
  • DoS and DDoS attacks on websites.
  • Telephone DoS.
  • Telephone number hijacking and call blocking.
  • Network infrastructure attacks to bring down communications.
  • Command and control  (C&C) of a own huge botnet army.
  • Erase of criminal records.
  • Taking down competition websites. 

 Hiring hacking services to perform illegal act is in itself illegal since inducement to commit a crime is itself a crime under United States law.

Types of Hackers

Hackers can be classified into three different categories:

  1. Black Hat Hacker
  2. White Hat Hacker
  3. Grey Hat Hacker

Black Hat Hacker

Black-hat Hackers are also known as Unethical Hackers or a Security Crackers. These people hack the system illegally to steal money or to achieve their own illegal goals. They find banks or other companies with weak security and steal money or credit card information. They can also modify or destroy the data as well. Black hat hacking is illegal.

White Hat Hacker

White hat Hackers are also known as Ethical Hackers or a Penetration Tester. White hat hackers are the good guys when it comes to hacking. They use the same technique used by  black hat hackers. They also hack the system, but they do so with permission to test security of systems. They focus on security and protecting IT systems. White hat hacking is legal.

Gray Hat Hacker

Gray hat Hackers are Hybrid between Black hat Hackers and White hat hackers. They can hack any system even if they don’t have permission to test the security of the system but they will never steal money or damage the system.

In most cases, they tell the administrator of that system. But they are also illegal because they test the security of the system that they do not have permission to test. Grey hat hacking is sometimes acted legally and sometimes not. Click here to hire a hacker online.

There are other types of hackers but they all all under the three broad categories mentioned above. Other types of hackers include: 

How to find a Professional Hacker for Hire

Hiring an ethical hacker, also known as a “white hat,” can help you protect your business from threats like DDoS attacks and phishing scams. We’ll help you find qualified candidates to help you find and fix any security breaches in your companies internet technology.

There are other sources online where you can hire an ethical hacker online. Depending on your reason for hiring a hacker, counterfeitsales.com list’s a hacking service for various purposes. Click here to hire a hacker online right now.  Contact:  Whatsapp: +1 862 904 0714 , Telegram: https://t.me/counterfeitsales

Dark web Hacker for Hire

When hiring a darknet hacker, jobs are negotiated directly with clients. The complexity, duration, risk, and scope of a job determines the price. That being said, you can hire a hacker on the dark net for the following purposes: 

  • Personal attacks—e.g. defamation, legal sabotage, and financial disruption—were the most expensive services listed on average, followed by changing school grades
  • Social media account hacking was the most commonly listed service
  • All of the services require payment up front. Some but not all of the hacking service  provide a refund for unsuccessful jobs.
  • Most hacking services set realistic expectations in that they only take jobs they reasonably believe they can accomplish. One group notes on its website.

Many hackers say they can complete jobs within 24 hours, but more advanced jobs might take days or weeks. You can get a hacker for hire on the darkweb here.

Why Hire a Hacker

Hiring ethical hackers, who share the same natural curiosity and mindset as malicious hackers, can help an organization “test” its network security ahead of a real cyberattack. This approach, done with the support of the IT department, helps identify vulnerabilities and verify security measures of devices and systems.

PC Mag reports that, in 2011, Facebook welcomed 21-year-old George Hotz onto its development team. Why did this make the news? Prior to being hired by Facebook, Hotz had been involved in a months-long court battle against Sony because he had hacked into the company’s PlayStation 3 platform.

Hotz’s case is far from an exceptional occurrence. The same article from PC Mag listed other black hat hackers whose unlawful exploits landed them jobs at top companies. Why do so many large business turn toward hackers to help them create better, more secure products?

Hackers Have a High Level of Knowledge

Writing for CSO Online, one expert commented, “The rationale for hiring criminal hackers is based on the thinking that, ‘It takes a thief to catch a thief’.” Some formerly criminal hackers, such as Kevin Mitnick, who served five years in prison for criminal hacking, have started their own legitimate cybersecurity consulting firms.

Indeed, the knowledge that hackers gain through their exploits might furnish them with knowledge they could not gain through more traditional avenues of education.

Black Hat Isn’t the Only Hat

Black hat hackers are not the only ones who find jobs via their hacking skills. According to Eric Geier, writing for PCWorld, government and business organizations are now hiring ethical hackers, also known as white hat hackers, to prevent data theft.

CBS News reported on the hacker hiring phenomenon, bringing out the example of a firm called Bugcrowd, which helps companies connect with hackers. The hackers dig through the systems of major businesses, such as Pinterest and Western Union, and receive payments when they find flaws in those companies’ security measures.

The CBS article mentioned other major companies, including Square and Google, that also enlist professional hackers’ help. Even Apple, whose products are famous for their resistance to viruses, has hired hackers. The company hired the hackers who created the first virus to affect MacBooks, according to a report from Business Insider.

Will it Always Be Necessary for Companies to Hire Hackers?

White hat and gray hat hackers might always have a place within companies, but what about black hat hackers? An article from Tech Target stated that many companies are struggling to find qualified cybersecurity professionals, in part because many job applicants do not have the necessary experience to perform well on the job.

Some companies are filling open positions by sponsoring H-1B workers from other countries. It seems the shortage of cybersecurity experts might make it necessary for companies to continue to hire hackers — regardless of what hat they wear — for the foreseeable future.

However, universities might soon provide the employees that companies are so desperate to hire. At Maryville University, their  bachelor’s programs in cybersecurity focus on things such as general cybersecurity, offensive cybersecurity, and defensive cybersecurity.

Hackers might not be the cybersecurity force of the future, but they certainly play a role in its present.


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